Successful event planners and female founders in their own right, Heather Johnson Mullin and Elizabeth Bainbridge saw a need for gifts that could be designed with the same level of intention as the large-scale luxury events they’d been producing their entire careers. Addressed began as a passion project where Heather created personalized birthday boxes for her closest friends. It was only a matter of time before it evolved into a dream job for both women. She and Elizabeth have since delivered 10,000 (and counting!) gifts across the globe, each one a highly specialized, completely new experience. From well-known corporations to family-run businesses, they bring their trademark creativity, ingenuity, and vibrant enthusiasm to every client relationship they serve.

Addressed is a serendipitous combination of their two backgrounds. Heather with Adelphi Events and Elizabeth with 2 the 9s Events — they blended Adelphi with “dressed to the nines” to form the title of their new business. The name also speaks to the myriad of ways in which they address your every gifting needs, including the ones you didn’t even know you had. Their artistry, resourcefulness, and attention to detail open up a world of possibilities that will change the entire way you think about gifting.

Elizabeth Bainbridge


Elizabeth, whose event production career has spanned over two decades, is a logistical mastermind who’s able to muscle her way through any production challenge or organizational obstacle. She juggles a million tasks with a positive, calming attitude, and she’s the type of partner you look forward to working with year after year. Elizabeth, along with her husband and 6-year old son, enjoy exploring their new surroundings on the East Coast. You’ll often find Elizabeth plotting out new additions to her garden or playing soccer with her son Henry.

Heather Johnson Mullin


Heather is a brilliant creative who’s been producing top-tier weddings and events in the Bay Area for over a decade. She believes there’s no such thing as an impossible idea and knows how to think outside the box to solve even the trickiest of design problems. When she isn’t creating gifts for Addressed, Heather is hiking the hills of Marin with her husband and two Vizslas Apollo and Aurora, visiting her local farmer’s market, or making recipes from her color-coded collection of over 150 cookbooks.